Though all are welcome, this is not a city for everyone. This is a city populated by martyrs, talking animals, gods and goddesses, soldiers, whores, saints, thieves, suicides and monks. A city full of stairs that lead nowhere, of windows that look out onto starry blackness, or onto the gentle misty blues of a slowly falling evening. A city of endless open doors and smoky hallways, forgotten rooms and locked cellars, of hidden gardens and empty fountains. A city of glowing urban lights and quiet suburban shadows, of  tender silences, and of the clang and boom of swords and drums. A city where the ghosts of the past link arms with those of the future and dance, drunkenly, under paper lanterns by the river’s edge. A city surrounded by dark, deep forests whose lush foliage hides and nurtures dark figures, strange creatures, and night blooming flowers to be used in the secret rituals of feral children. Above all, a city of Secrets.

I sit and i scrape away at my spirit’s fantasy, grind it into a paste, and smear little bits of all of this out onto paper, wood, and copper plates, into skin, into rings and jewels, and soon into many things i haven’t even tried yet. I must create or lose my mind, so i choose to create. i sincerely hope that you enjoy at least some of the results of my labor. If you like it here, please feel free to come back and spend some time in our little world whenever you like, there’s always something new to see every week, and we’re always looking for new citizens in SekretCity!