Showreel Mihai Marius Apopei

hop hop hop… ia uite ce a scos baietu’….mult noroc marius! sa ajungi mare!


The origin of emotions

I haven’t read it yet. But here’s some excerpts from the book

“Maternal love stops when a child is 33 months old. Mothers maximize their reproduction by focusing on the next child when the current child can feed itself. By 33 months, children can feed themselves if food is available. They can walk and their first set of teeth have completed eruption.”

“Pride is triggered by higher rank, not high rank. Rookies feel pride, but veteran all-stars do not. Recent nursing graduates feel pride, but doctors nearing retirement do not.”

“Men only love a woman for 42 months, which covers 9 months of gestation and 33 months of post-natal care. Both sexes maximize reproduction by starting a new reproductive cycle with a new partner when a child can feed itself.”

Download the book here (PDF)