Cool inventions from the past

Now that’s a 1932 GPS…well kinda…it worked by rolling the map depending on the speed of the car. kewl

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Taking things too far

There’s a common pattern I see when working on code-reviews with ActionRails or my consulting work. People find a new technique, technology or idea and put it to work in their projects. At first they get a huge benefit, problems get solved quickly and things are good. Driven by this initial success they double down, they put their new tool to work in more areas of their application, they even go back over their old stuff and seek out more pure ways to apply it.

However as time passes they find the benefits aren’t quite what they used to be. Their nice new toy has turned into something which they find gets in the way on a regular basis. Eventually they ‘throw that shit out’. Part of this is just the natural progression of technology, something better comes along and we adopt it. But another part of it is our tendency to over do things. The technology we picked up isn’t shit, the promise we saw was real. But we’ve taken it beyond its intended use, learned the wrong lessons and tied ourselves up as a result

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