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Travelogue showing the delights of Rumania. London exhibition. Two teenage girls (twins) look at some of the Rumanian Craftware on display at the exhibition. Rumanian women demonstrate weaving techniques. Rumania – countryside. Farmer and his herd of cows. Scenic shots of the countryside. Carpathian Mountains. Narrator details some of…

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Facebook Is Doing What?!

Facebook Say good bye to Facebook Connect! With the adoption of Open Graph, the identifiable Facebook Connect API will be of no need. For nearly two years, Facebook Connect has been the way to share your social graph with third-party websites.

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One Sentence for Backend People | Swedish fika

As a frontend developer I work very closely with the people on the backend. Now we can discuss exactly what backends and frontends and serverside and programmers etc is. What I mean by saying backend is the people working with the business layer of an web application or web site. The people building up the logic that generates the HTML. I don’t really mind calling it something else so if you got a greater or more specific name that you think describe this area much better feel free to give me suggestions. Backend is the word I will use for now.