One var statement for one variable! « – the Ajax and JavaScript Experts

JavaScript allows to comma-separate multiple variable declarations, like so: var i=0, j=1. Declaring multiple variables using one var-statement accross multiple lines is a NO GO! I consider this evil. And I learned it the hard way. It might look pretty nice, looks like less code and more efficient. But it definitely is not so when writing code. If it results in more speed let your build tool, compressor or compiler do it. But don’t write code which spreads multiple variable declarations in var-statement across multiple lines!

This article is quite long for such a simple topic, but anyways I just feel like writing it down, since this is how I initially used my previous blog and I must say it was very helpful for me to look up things again but obviously also for others to find information. I also feel that showing what coding guide lines to use and the reasoning behind it is really important especially also for those who have to apply them.

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